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Environment centre provides office space for environmental non-governmental organizations. Its info point connects interested publics and provides access to environmental and sustainable development information and publications for wider public.

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Krilca - Gifts with Magic Powers



The first Slovenian catalogue of socially responsible gifts »Krilca, Gifts with Magic Powers« (Slo. Krilca, darila s čarobno močjo) was presented by Umanotera in 2007. Krilca follow the innovative concept of ethical gifts which was first introduced in U.K. as Good Gifts Catalogue. Each gift from the catalogue represents a good work or else support for a specific socially responsible project, such as education of children in Ghana, preservation of rain forest in Ecuador, support for Slovenian red nose clown doctors, etc. Krilca offer a simple possibility for ethical gift giving which renders fascinating sustainable results. By helping individuals and supporting beneficial projects, Krilca represent small steps towards the better world.

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Official vehicle of Environment center - bicycle »Bigfish«


»Be the change you want to see in the world« is the motto  employees of the Environment centre are trying to follow in the everyday life. By riding the Bigfish bicycle to our office meetings and other appointments we are trying to educate the public about the numerous benefits this vehicle has to offer:occupying little space it is much easier to park than a car, it doesn't cause traffic jams, it doesn't emit exhaust gases and on top of that it's a very healthy way  of travelling in any season of the year.






Environment Centre work is supported by
Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment