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Environment Centre


The aim of the Environment Centre is to provide better work conditions for environmental NGOs. The Environment Centre is also providing basic infrastructure and help to not yet established NGOs and civil initiatives. Consequently we are trying to achieve bigger influence of environmental NGOs in decision making processes.

Aims of Environment centre:

  • to improve public awareness about nature protection and sustainable development,
  • to strengthen environment consciousness of individuals and community,
  • to strengthen cooperation of environmental NGOs and public in decision making processes,
  • to strengthen public access to environmental information and publications,
  • to offer basic advice to visitors and to allow access to independent opinions from different fields of environment protection and sustainable development.

Info Point


Info Point is a space within the Environment Centre where the public can obtain environmental information and publications. The Info point staff is trained to help you find answers to your questions related to environment and sustainable development.

Info Point is also used as a venue for workshops, press-conferences and small exhibitions.


Our fields of work: Promotion of Sustainable Lifestyle, Nature Conservation, Organic Farming, Rural Development, Genetically Modified Organisms, Environmental Education, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Protection of the Alps, Fair Trade, Sustainable Consumption, Chemicals, Sustainable Mobility, Public Participation.


Office hours:

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.



Telephone: +386 (0)590 71320

Fax: +386 (0)590 71320





The Incubator is an office in the Environmental Centre, which can be used by environmental NGOs and civil initiatives working in the field of environment protection and sustainable development and do not have their own offices. The office can be used at no charge under the condition that the organization has no full time employees.


The office can also be used as a meeting place or temporary office by NGOs not situated in Ljubljana. Organizations which are able to use the incubator can also use the Info Point office for their meetings and public events for free.  


For the use of incubator an organization should fill in a registration form, agree with the regulations to gain the incubator user status and agree with the Environmental centre house rules.

Environment Centre member organizations


CIPRA Slovenia, association for protection of the Alps, is a member of CIPRA, International Commission for the Protection of the Alps. CIPRA is a non-governmental umbrella organisation with national representatives in the Alpine countries; it represents over 100 associations and organisations from seven Alpine states - Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Slovenia.


CIPRA Slovenia is, considering The Alpine convention, working on:

- conservation of natural and cultural heritage in Alpine region,

- stimulating and respecting of guidelines for nature and landscape


- striving for the projects in the Alps which are compatible with principles of   nature conservation and are acceptable for the environment and society,

- efficient and sustainable reducing of environment impacts in the Alps

- development of wide awareness about the Alps inside and outside the Alpine region.


Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical association of individuals, established in 2002.

The vision of Focus is socially and environmentally responsible society. Mission of Focus is to change the behavior of people towards more environmentally and socially responsible life through the enhancement of understanding and awareness. The fields of work are: climate, energy, mobility and sustainable development. Activities of Focus are: organization of events, project work, raising public awareness, cooperation with various stakeholders, analyzing trends and responding to current events, cooperation in decision-making processes and any other activity, which contributes to the aim of Focus.


Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is a private non-profit institute founded in 1995. Our broader objective is implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the praxis as well as their integration into national and EU strategic development programmes.

Our specific objectives are:

  • implementation of SD sustainable development in agriculture and rural development,
  • protection of nature in agriculture and by the help of agriculture, and
  • enhancement of living connections between urban - rural - nature.

Topics of our work are:

  • Organic farming - conversion, technologies, system approach; support of marketing initiatives
  • Implementation of sustainable development principles in policy and practice
  • Protection of environment and biodiversity as well as sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture
  • Agricultural and rural development policy
  • Innovative projects of sustainable rural development
  • Holistic approach to nutrition and quality of food
  • Lifestyle based on principles of sustainability
  • Eco-tourism / agro-eco-tourism

Enhancing role of non-governmental organisations in development of strategic programmes on different levels (national, EU, international) and their implementation


Slovenski E-forum

SE-F is an expert based environmental non-government nonprofit citizen's organisation established in 1993 with a basic mission to contribute toward sustainable energy policy on local, national, regional and global level. We believe that de-centralized, local circumstances suited and multi-stakeholder governed energy systems are the basis of sustainability. We believe that preserving self-renewal capacities of local and global eco-systems can match with solid energy standard for all people. We are convinced that this can create new jobs in the field of energy services, development of new technologies and utilisation of renewable energy sources, effective use of energy as well as management of the energy systems.
SE-F is also a kind of think thank organisation for environmental movement in Slovenia on the issues of energy and climate policy, economic incentives in environmental protection and public participation in energy related decision making. Finally, SE-F is trying to connect people, NGOs, experts, public officials and business in our own country and abroad to form joint incentives and programmes for sustainable development.

SE-F constituency of 85 members is an interdisciplinary mixture of the experts from the field of energy planning, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture computer-science, economy, geography, social sciences etc. and activists from the field of environmental protection, climate prevention and sustainable development.


Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development Umanotera's mission is to implement the principles of sustainable development in practise, particularly those aimed at preserving natural resources and biological diversity, i.e. balancing the human society with the environment and promoting environmental ethics. Umanotera understands sustainable development as a dynamic balance between man and nature that maintains social equity and intergenerational responsibility. Through its ways of operating, Umanotera cultivates the values of enterpreneurship, creativity, partnership and quality. Its aims to promote sustainability principles as defined by Agenda 21 through publications, events, website and information databases; to build capacity for NGOs, municipalities and business for sustainable development; to networking and develop strategic partnerships with organisations with similar goals in Slovenia and internationally; to participate in policy creation related to sustainable development issues and to monitor the implementation of sustainable development policies and legislation at national level. SE-F constituency of 85 members is an interdisciplinary mixture of the experts from the field of energy planning, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture computer-science, economy, geography, social sciences etc. and activists from the field of environmental protection, climate prevention and sustainable development.

Environment Centre




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